what we do

Established in 2004, we are a project management company operating in the Galle area, where we have been involved in more than 30 developments. Our team of nine people oversee building projects for clients and investors from around the world, managing both new build and renovation projects, from large developments of several acres with views of paddy fields, to lakeside houses on smaller plots.

We like to build close relationships with our clients so that we can understand, interpret and transform their ideas into buildings. This can involve working solely with the client on the design or with a chosen architect. Whatever type of building you want to create, our meticulous attention to detail and established relationships with trusted contractors and specialised tradesmen allows us to meet a quality of finish that justifies your investment. Crucially, our experienced team understands how to overcome the challenges of building in Sri Lanka.

Above all, at Willow we are proud of our work and love to help people build in the tropics.

We can help you through the entire process of building in Sri Lanka: from introducing you to estate agents to designing the house, and from negotiating builders contracts to choosing door handles. As the owner's representative, the company uses a broad knowledge of architecture, engineering, construction, finance, cost control and management to become the central point to which the design team report.

Willow typically can assist with or take responsibility for the following:

  • Pre-Construction
  • Introductions to agents
  • Safeguard your property by handling the employment of a suitable watcher
  • Arrange surveyors and manage connections to utilities
  • Introductions to accountants and lawyers to set up banking and company accounts, budgeting and scheduling
  • Assemble a reliable and high quality team
  • Building design, choice of materials and landscaping
  • Coordinate planning permission, paperwork and legal requirements
  • Identify a selection of contractors for the tender process and administer the contracts
  • Review contractor's documentation, check warranties and works program/time-line
  • Liaising with and representing the client on all matters relating to the project
  • During Construction
  • Regular on site presence during the construction stage
  • Oversee and manage payments to contractors and sub-contractors
  • Provision of regular progress reports, with photos and project financial statements
  • Checking procedures/specifications and reviewing payment schedules with works completed
  • Oversee the approved design / architects drawings and cross check these during regular meetings with the contractor
  • Oversee all consultants and arrange project meetings with relevant parties
  • Review and report on any unforeseen changes to works program or project costs when necessary
  • Preparation of all accounts up to final completion and handover
  • Coordinate snag list process
  • Manage all contract completion papers and warranty documents in accordance with official published guidelines and Certificates of Compliance (CoC)
  • Inpections and sign off
  • Regular reporting and constant liaising with clients